Phil Bates Band

Die Phil Bates Band tritt unregelmäßig bei Events mit britischem Rythm&Blues und klassischen Blues-Stücken auf. Im Zentrum steht Phil Bates, Sänger und Gitarrist des berühmten Electric Light Orchestra (Part II), gemeinsam mit Ernie Schmiedel auf einer Hammond B3 und mir am Schlagzeug.

Hier ein Konzertmitschnitt vom Bergmannstrassenfest 2006

Phil Bates selbst beschreibt das Projekt wie folgt: "This is a relatively new project, and again it is German-based. It developed out of ELB via keyboard player, Ernie Schmiedel, who spent a lot of money on a Hammond , old-fashioned Leslie, and bass pedals after we fired each other up with wine/beer-soaked talk about Jimmie Smith and Booker T during long listening sessions in his home during my German trips. We decided to rehearse a few r&b and blues classics, along with some Booker T and the MGs/Jimmie Smith tracks and see what happened. Suffice to say, it was good.

We have only played a handful of gigs so far, but a concert as part of the Bergmanstrasse Street Festival in Berlin ... is a highlight so far. This band gives me a chance to sing and play classic songs, plus some originals, that I have always loved, but don't get a chance to perform in the normal run of things. This also the only band I play in that I get a chance to play some proper lead guitar. We have plans to expand this project. In fact, I would be happy if it was my main project, but that will probably not happen for reasons of geography above all else.

Line up is :- me – vocals and guitar, Ernie Schmiedel – Hammond and bass pedals, and Günther Kara – drums."